How to Add a Customized Caption Overlay to Images on Weebly

November 27 2021

By adding a few lines of code, you can create really awesome caption overlays for you images on your Weebly blog

How to add Buy Me A Coffee to your Weebly blog

Updated: March 16 2020

Generate some (coffee) bean money by adding a Buy me a coffee button and widget. 

How to disable keyboard short cuts on your Weebly blog

Updated: June 11 2020

Do you really want someone from copying your text, images or source code?

Setting up a 301 Redirect on your Weebly website

June 5 2020

If you delete a page or change the permalink, you need to set up a 301 redirect

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How to add Canonical Tags to your Weebly website

Updated: June 4 2020

Protect your content by adding CANONICAL TAGS to your Weebly website


Most sought after Weebly hack:

How to add Twitter Cards to your Weebly blog

Updated: May 8 2020

Boost potential referral traffic from Twitter by adding Twitter Cards. Follow these simple steps

How to customise the 'read more break' on your Weebly blog

Updated: May 12 2020

You can customise the 'read more break' text by adding some jQuery. Find out how.


Weebly is no longer supported by Internet Explorer

Updated: May 12 2020

​If you are having problems loading the editor on Weebly, note that Internet Explorer is no longer being up dated and is thus not compatible with Weebly.


Disabling the Right Click for your Weebly blog​

Updated: May 11 2020

Stop someone from downloading your images and copying your text on your Weebly blog

​​

Adding Google Analytics and Google Search Console codes to your Weebly blog

Updated: May 10 2020

Lots of confusion over this but it is real easy


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